The proper swipe: At 25%, credit card business sees robust growth in 2018


There has been an enormous increase inside the quantity of credit score playing cards issued with the aid of banks in the ultimate 365 days.

According to records from the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the variety of great credit score cards went up 24.87 in step with cent at four. Forty-two crore in December 2018, as compared to three.54 crore an ultimate year.

The upward thrust in the wide variety and value of transactions during the last years proves the segment is growing steadily – the spurt is being driven through top personal lenders, in addition to SBI Cards.

ICICI Bank has constantly been increasing its unsecured credit score card portfolio, with a focus on move-promoting to its present customers. The last zone, it additionally launched a co-branded credit card, in affiliation with Amazon Pay. SBI Cards has now reached seven million cards-in-force milestones. Its increase has been pushed by way of the release of unique cards along with SBI Doctors Card, and Karnak Unnati SBI card for agriculturalists. For Axis Bank, the 36 in keeping with cent boom in credit score card portfolio was one of the drivers of the overall retail segment growth at 20 percent.
A safe guess?
Is this boom sustainable and safe at a time while banks are already scuffling with NPAs? There are exceptional views.

Last yr, the RBI had cautioned banks against better dependence on the retail segment, which includes credit playing cards and personal loans. HDFC Bank’s current growth in consequences on an overdue charge of card dues may also be a hint to the precautionary measures being taken up, stated a senior govt of a public region bank.

While the usage of playing cards has been in style for a reason that mid-Eighties, the market commenced witnessing a quantum soar handiest from the early 1990s.

The general variety of cards issued through forty-two banks and fantastic multiplied from 2.69 crores as of December-quit 2003 to 4.33 crore as of December-stop 2004. Then, there was a downward spiral, while banks confronted many challenges in convalescing dues and, as a result, led to the decline in credit card enterprise. Again, from 2014, banks commenced seeing the enlargement of card agencies.

“But now matters are specific as any mortgage or card is being best given on the premise of Credit Bureau records, and that acts as an inbuilt mechanism,” stated a govt with a non-public financial institution, that is a few of the big players within the phase.

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