Shadow Legends Stickman Revenge Mod Review

The description of Shadow Legends: Stickman Revenge – Game RPG App
In each adventure battle, you’ll play the warriors on a journey to conquer the dark world, filled with many swords, hammers, dagger weapons, skills, and awesome skins.
Be ready for an exciting game; you can be a hero fighter and master the sword game.
Do you have brave enough courage & passion to master this warrior’s Stickman game?

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Epic heroes, including Ninja, Knight, Stickman, Assassin, Archer, and Hammer, fight in a war to defend the kingdom and clash with other clans in the most epic battle royal ever.
You will be a part of an awesome dark world and face many zombies, monsters, and mighty opponents; you can show off your fighting skills as in fighting games.


– When the battle begins, each stickman must fight off the dangerous monsters that constantly attack him.
– Whenever you want to smash and slash them, use the great controls on the bottom right side to kill or avoid getting killed.
This is an extremely hard battle all the time, but if you use multiple skills, you can make your hero more powerful.
– Try not to be hard hit by the monster and his magic legion.


– With challenge mode, you have to pass each level to the boss of the dark world. Upgrade yourself to overcome difficulties.
– With survival mode, you go through endless battles; you will not have time to stop when you start fighting. Assassins, Gladiators, and Monsters are always ready to kill you.


– You will be stunned by Shadow Legends’ graphic & sound effects.
– Be a stickman hero, do some crazy powerful magic, and burn the dark world.
– Smartly utilize the controls for fighting with maximum effect!


– Enjoy utilizing the multiple upgrades in the best rpg games.
– Some monsters and magical assassins are difficult, and you will need more powerful weapons than the starting ones.
With various characters, levels, attack, defense, and blood are fundamental to fighting back the enemy.
– Some monsters are difficult, and you may need a more powerful weapon.
– Upgrade your attack power, armor, and blood, and fight and gain victory in each battle.


– There are different characters in-game, and the levels, attack, defense, and HP are significant in how well you deal with the enemies.
– You can upgrade or even buy more gems, gold, etc.
– Using skills & wiping out the enemies at a glance in each war.
– Shadow Stickman can also use special abilities & weapons like sword, archery, and dagger… to destroy the monster faster in each battle.
– Starter Pack for beginners and dozens of print app purchases

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